Process for a Storm

Hurricanes often also called tropical cyclones. It is a disorder that occurs in extreme weather in the atmosphere and in particular affect the surface of the Earth. The usual onset of symptoms starting with strong winds that arise in conjunction with the lightning, Thunder, andlightning. In addition, the rain came down in dense and continuous accompanied by wind or ice chunk that crashed also are some of thesymptoms that can be controlled.
The storm formed when there is low air pressure in the Middle areas of high air pressure.
The combination of two mutually contradictory forces that generated the vortex of wind that can form from kumulonimbus. Clouds that form over the ocean surface moves follow the wind direction with a speed of 20 km/h. However, when it reaches the Mainland, the hurricane brought clouds with a large force of up to 250 km/h and potentially damaging of any that existed before him.

The storm that swept an area can jeopardize the safety of the soul nor possessions. Heavy rain accompanied by wind can led to flood which caused dozens of houses damaged and hampered transportation. In addition, lightning and lightning could potentially trigger a fire or disruption of electricity and communications wave. Generally speaking, the storm impacted a great loss either in material or non-material.

One of the biggest storms ever happened in history is Patricia (Hurricane Patricia) who braved the region of Mexico mid-October 2015. The storm formed at sea level very quickly. Patricia developed from tropical cyclones are becoming a category 5 hurricane in just a span of 24 hours. When approaching the Mainland, Patricia hit record high speed intensity i.e., 345 km/h. Consequently, hundreds in the coastal region of Mexico fall apart due to a hurricane strike. Patricia also led to a number of regions in Mexico are experiencing floods due to heavily rainfall brought. Meanwhile, the total material damage estimated at USD 323.3 million with damage in the agricultural sector and infrastructure became the biggest contributor to the losses.

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