Recognize Infectious and Non-Contagious Eye Diseases

The eye is one of the senses that has an important function. If this sense of sight is sick, your activities will be disrupted
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Eye disease can be caused by several factors such as dust, viruses, or bacteria. Usually eye diseases caused by viruses and bacteria can be easily transmitted. In order to avoid the spread of eye pain you should recognize the various types of eye pain, both contagious and non-contagious following:
1. Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or irritation caused by an infection of the membrane lining the eye. Usually this disease is characterized by red, itchy, runny eyes, pain, discharge or stools, and vision becomes blurred.

This disease is caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies, dirty contact lenses, or the use of long-term contact lenses. This type of eye disease can be easily contagious, it must be treated immediately by compressing the eyes with warm water, giving an ointment or eye drops according to a doctor's prescription, and make sure your hands are clean before applying the ointment so as not to aggravate the irritation.
2. Trachoma
Trachoma is an eye infection caused by Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. These bacteria live in a dirty environment. The use of handkerchiefs or towels that have been contaminated with Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria can spread trachoma easily.
This disease is very contagious so you should pay attention to the symptoms shown from this disease such as red eyes, cornea that looks cloudy, stained, swollen eyelids and lymph nodes.

3. Vocalistic (KV) keratoconjunctivity
The vernalis keratoconjunctivity is an inflammation of the part of the cornea (clear membrane) caused by allergies. This disease is usually characterized by the appearance of pain, red, itchy, runny eyes, stiffness, and swollen eyelids.
This disease will recur again and will usually recur during the summer. Patients with KV sometimes experience damage to a small part of the cornea resulting in the appearance of acute pain
4. Endophthalmitis
Endophthalmitis is an infection in the inner lining of the eye which results in festering eyeballs. Usually characterized by red eyes, pain, and vision becomes impaired. This eye disorder usually occurs due to a sharp object puncture so it needs to be treated immediately because it can cause blindness
5. Orbitalis Cellulitis (SO)
Ie inflammation in tissues around the eyeball caused by several factors such as eye injury, sinus infection, or infection from the teeth. It usually shows symptoms such as red eyes, swollen eyelids, pain, and protruding or swollen eyeballs
6. Blefaritis
Blefaritis is an inflammation of the eyelids due to the oil gland producing excessive oil. Excessive oil is near the eyelids which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Blefaritis is characterized by redness of the eyes, pain, heat, itching, wateriness, sores on the eyelids and swelling.
7. Dacryocystitis
Dacryocystitis is a blockage that occurs in the channel that drains tears to the nose. This condition is affected by allergic factors that cause blockage of the canal. As a result, the eyes become red, painful, swollen, and even expel pus accompanied by fever. As a first aid, compress the eye bag with warm water then immediately see a doctor
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