Only Face, Red Eye Pain Can Be Transmitted?

Many believe that only by seeing the eyes of people suffering from red eye disease can they contract the same disease.
Dream - Maybe many of us have experienced a situation where friends or family members suffering from red eye disease were forced to be driven away because they were afraid of the disease being transmitted to others..
Many also believe that just by looking at the eyes of people suffering from red eye disease, the term health is called conjunctivitis, can contract the same disease.

But is that true?

Before knowing the answer, let's understand what is red eye disease or conjunctivitis.

This disease is an inflammation that occurs in the conjunctival membrane located behind the eyelids. Inflammation is caused by bacterial and viral infections.

In addition, conjunctivitis can be caused by allergies or injuries caused by spills of chemicals in the eye.

Every person with conjunctivitis will have the following signs or symptoms: the eyelids are difficult to open or the eyelashes are sticky, the yellow liquid comes out if conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria, the eyes look red, the eyes feel itchy and sometimes painful.

According to The Diagnosis portal, anyone who has the symptoms above is advised to consult with a doctor because of its contagious nature.

But can this red eye disease be contagious just by looking at each other in the eye?

This is the answer

Conjunctivitis usually occurs through direct contact with fluids released by the patient's eyes. For example using the same towel or using personal items that expose germs to other people.

For infections caused by viruses, conjunctivitis can spread through tears in the air.

For example, someone who suffers from sneezing or coughing conjunctivitis can get into the air and fly to the adjacent eye. This can also cause bacterial infections.

In conclusion, the problem of red eye disease or conjunctivitis is not spread because they look at each other. Because germs will not reach the eyes of others by reflecting. But it is transmitted through the method described above.

Although not contagious just by looking at each other, sufferers of this disease are very easy to infect others. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a doctor if someone has conjunctivitis problems.

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